Asian restaurant and bar in the center of Kiev

1-3 /2 Velyka Vasylkivska/ Basseina





KOYA is Asian restaurant and bar. Laconic modern interior, refined cuisine and a unique bar menu make us a delicatessen attraction in the heart of the capital. KOYA is located on three floors,each floor has its unique design conception and atmosphere.

On the ground floor there is an unusual cocktail bar. Here, guests discover the world of new flavour accents and compositions.

The ideology of the whole space reflects the philosophy of complexity in simple ideas. Delicate fragrances of incense, soft languishing music and relaxing lighting create a pleasant background for interesting conversations and the atmosphere that encourages comprehension of the philosophy of cocktails and snacks.

The bar team led by the chief barman Yevheniy Tolmachov carefully selected the ingredients for new and unexpected flavour-aromatic fusions. Among the ingredients for cocktails you will find tamarind paste from the tropical forests of Central Africa, Lapsang Souchong and yellow chrysanthemums from the mountain slopes of China, eucalyptus, sesame, feijoa, peanut tincture on soju, and many other spices, spicery, herbs and tropical fruits.

On the first floor of KOYA there is a restaurant. The menu is based on the modern Asian cuisine. The dishes were developed by Ray Sabinos, the “Murakami London” chef. His passion for Asian cuisine and sushi originated in the South-eastern Asia and was multiplied in the best Japanese restaurants of premium grade in London for 12 years of work. Original Pan-Asian dishes from Hong Kong and the South China Sea in the Izakaya style were created especially for KOYA by DmitriiZotov, a legendary restaurateur. The restaurant’s cocktail list is based on the diversity that is a key to any guest, even to the most demanding one. There is a wide selection of cocktails, from classical to redeveloped and innovative ones.

The main characteristic of the bar menu is the Asian theme, expressed by such cocktails as “Melon Sour” based on the Japanese cantaloupe liqueur, which had already approved itself on the “Spicy Bazaar” with its mix of 15 spices of India and Indonesia; “Chinese rose” with puree of litchi berries and water of rose flowers, as well as in many other combinations. The peculiarity of thebar is that the team can prepare any cocktail for the guest, provided that the necessary ingredients are available.